**** News: May 28, 2008:

Bob Lovelace was freed from prison today!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is still lots of work to do, but thank you for all of the energy and efforts that have carried this story so far….

Welcome to the Postcard Project: A Creative Action Against Uranium Mining

This project has been inspired by the jailing of professor Bob Lovelace. Mr. Lovelace is also a co-Chief for the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, and was sentenced to six months in prison for peacefully protesting uranium mining on his Nation’s land. This situation has called human rights activists and environmental activists together to speak up on behalf of the people who have been sent to prison for attempting to protect the health and integretity of their land and rights. The postcard project is a creative action that intends to raise awareness about the complex issues surrounding uranium mining, Aboriginal land rights and human rights in Canada, along with the archaic nature of Canada’s mining act; it also intends to inspire people to take collective action in light of the injustices done to Mr. Lovelace and other Aboriginal protestors by writing a postcard or a letter and in the process, contributing to the creation of music for political performance giving all who participate this project a unified and collective voice.

The way the project works is:

1) Write a postcard to one of the people who are now in prison for peacefully protesting uranium mining on their land, such as Bob Lovelace, who could use bright images to cheer their days. Or send a letter to a member of parliament (as letters hold more weight than postcards in these cases) noting your concern about uranium mining and the mistreatment of the Aboriginal people who have claim over that land. If you’d like to download ‘the postcard project’ letterhead choose the-postcard-project.doc or letterhead-mcguinty1.doc.

2) Post the words you wrote on the ‘post’ page of this website, and I will send you a song in thanks for participating in the process.

3) Send your words to one of the addresses listed on the ‘send’ page of this website.

3) I will create music inspired by all of the words, notes and messages that you choose to ‘post’ and perform it at the Citizens Inquiry into the Mining of Uranium in Kingston on April 8, 2008. I will continue to write and perform this collectively inspired music every time I can in order to voice the views shared through this project.

When a government ignores a group’s legal and human rights, everyone is at risk of experiencing the same kind of treatment, just as the contamination of our drinking water and farming soil with radioactive waste is something that affects every Canadian. If you would like to learn more about the risks involved with uranium mining or any of the other people or organizations I’ve mentioned above, please click on one of the links listed in the left hand margin of this page.

I have recently read that for every letter (or postcard!) that someone actually choses to write, there are 5,000 other people who share those thoughts and ideas and didn’t get around to putting the words to paper. If one piece of paper holds this kind of weight, imagine the energy 100 postcards will carry. Please pass this project onto other people who might be interested in participating.

Thank you so much for reading, posting and sending! I look forward to reading your words and creating with them.

Michelle Girouard.